Description & Technology

Made of the shape memory alloy Nitinol, the HammerLock implant provides a secure and stable form of compressive fixation without the need to disrupt adjacent joints or risk infection due to exposed wires. In addition, our proprietary insertion system ensures the procedure is simple, fast and reproducible saving time and costs in the operating room.

Implant Profile

  • Linear body design results in enhanced flexibility in positioning and easy reduction.
  • Flat-body design resists rotation during healing while taking up minimal canal space.
  • Distal and proximal barbed legs provide secure active fixation by continuously adjusting to the width of the canal.
  • The HammerLock implant’s thicker, yet flexible, barbed legs are designed to resist breakage and provide secure fixation while minimizing stress on the cortical walls.

System Profile

  • Patented HammerBlock™ with Squeeze Tab™ delivery system ensures precise positioning of the implant in the proximal canal during insertion and locks the implant in place during bone reduction to prevent proximal migration.

Common Procedures Using the HammerLock

  • Hammertoe Arthrodesis
  • Mallet Toe Correction